About us

“Our dedicated team includes professional chefs and nutritionists … our mission is to see a plant based, gluten free kitchen in every school.”

Gary Hardley

The Vegan Street Food Company

Eating a plant based diet offers benefits for both physical and mental health and it can also help students to perform better in school.

A growing body of evidence suggests a plant based diet is one of the healthiest diets for children to grow up on. Available case studies all point towards plant based diets improving academic performance.

One of the essential components of any diet is the ability to access all necessary vitamins and minerals. Since B vitamins, vitamin C, Omega-3s and other vital vitamins for brain function are routinely present in plant based diets, they can be of great help in the classroom. From the calcium found in broccoli to the iron in leafy green vegetables, plant foods offer abundant nutrients students to learn and grow, and getting the correct nutrients has shown encouraging results to academic success.

Another classroom boost comes from an increase in energy levels when switching to a plant-based diet. By eating more nutrient-dense foods with high hydration and carbohydrates to increase energy, students can focus on school and be alert and awake in the classroom.

Our Lady of Sion School

“As I considered the future of hot food for Sion, I was keen to find something exciting, attractive ... and good for our consumers and the planet.”

THE PLANT BASED SCHOOL KITCHEN is a new enterprise from Gary and Anna Hardley of the Vegan Street Food Company. After sampling their delicious and highly nutritious food, Steven Jeffery and others, were highly impressed with the presentation, flavours and aromas.

With governments across the globe encouraging eating less meat and consuming more plant based meals, there is also great focus on bringing plant based kitchens into schools and other establishments. Ethical eating and farming is vital to the longevity of the planet and feeding children in schools has too often been about profit rather than nutrition.

As a school that promotes ethics and consideration for people, animals and the planet upon which we live, it is important that Sion reflects these values, hence the introduction of the plant-based school kitchen.